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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Wish list

Yesterday, I heard in the news that the government is going to start on the national action for the disabled. As a mother to a special children of course this news will bring some excitement to us. We, mothers of disabled children do sometimes share our views and difficulties in raising our children. I do hope that the government really sit down with the experts and table everything and hopefully the National Action will turn out to be what all of us has wished for.

Here are some of my wish:

1. To have a full kindergarten for disabled children run by the government
2. To have a centre for autistic children in all major cities
3. To have centres that cater for Down syndrome,autistic and dyslexia children only run by government
4. to have more incentives for research on disability (especially children with mental disability)
5. To have a clearer path for parents on guiding our children for the future education, not only on vocational education
6. To have a proper assessment on the ability of the children for the placements in public schools, as each special children has different capabilities
7. To strenghen the current school syllabus in order to equip our children with the future environment (independent,religion,sex education etc)

what do you say??


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